Stewards' Trust

The Trust was established in 1919.  The Stewards' Trust of New Zealand Incorporated (our full legal name) is an Incorporated Society and is a registered charitable entity in terms of the New Zealand Charities Commission (CC10270).  For more information visit the Charities Register at

Stewards' Trust has a variety of roles, it:

  • Provides a property trustee service,
  • Can be named in your Will to receive legacies for Christian work.  You can specify your particular interests,
  • Receives and administers various funds, principally for Christian work within New Zealand, associated with Brethren assemblies,
  • Provides backing for Strength and Unity Conferences for Brethren leaders,
  • Can put you or your church in touch with people who can offer you help and guidance with property and finance related matters.
  • Has provided information and assistance to churches to assist them with the registration process for the New Zealand Charities Commission.
  • Has established a Group Insurance Scheme for churches and has assisted some churches with insurance matters.

Stewards' Trust: A Trustee Service

Your Assembly is now established, and is buying a property, that's great, but:

  • How do you go about the purchase?
  • How do you get it set up as a charitable trust?
  • Whose name goes on the title?

Stewards' Trust provides a property trustee service for Brethren assemblies.  At present it holds title to about 150 properties throughout New Zealand.  It has been fulfilling this function since it was incorporated in 1919.

It is a corporate body, constituted under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.  Unlike a private trustee, it does not die, retire, or move from the district.

Each property is held under a separate Declaration of Trust, specifically designed for Brethren assemblies.

This provides a ready made trust structure, at minimal cost and minimal effort.  With Stewards' Trust, there is no need for you to create a separate trust for your local church.

For more information about how Stewards' Trust can assist you through our trustee service, please contact Tony Harvey.

Charities Commission Registration

Although the deadline for registration during the transitional period has now passed, it is not too late to register your church if you have not yet done so.  The Register remains open and you can register any time you like.

A "How To" Guideline for Brethren Churches

We at Stewards' Trust have done what we can to make it as easy as possible for you to attend to the registration of your church with the Charities Commission.

There is no overall registration, where one body completes registration for every church.  Rather, each church that wants to gain registration must register individually for themselves.

Here is a step by step process.

  • First, download and read an update letter prepared by David Burt.
  • Then download the Governance Statement and Schedule of Doctrines which David refers to.
  • Then download the standard Declaration of Trust document, which is again referred to in the letter.
  • Now go the web site of the Charities Commission, and download the various registration forms.  There is a form for the church, as well as a form for each officer of the church to complete.  Complete the registration forms, get them signed, attach the Governance Statement and Declaration of Trust documents and then post it all in to the Commission.

If you have questions about the registration process, or about anything you read in the documents above, please contact David Burt.

If your church has its own trust and you need some assistance with changing your trust deed, we recommend that you see your lawyer, or contact Gaze Burt.

Stewards' Trust: Legacies and Bequests

You're thinking about your Will.  You want to ensure that when you no longer need your money, it can be put to good use for the Kingdom of God.  Either here in New Zealand, or overseas.

Stewards' Trust can help you.  You can name Stewards' Trust in your Will as a beneficiary, for all or a part of your estate.  You can leave money to be used as the Executive of Stewards' Trust sees a need, or you can specify an area of work you would like to support.

We strongly urge you to see your lawyer about your Will.  He or she can ensure it truly sets out your wishes, and that it is valid after your death.  It is also important, if naming Stewards' Trust as a beneficiary, that our correct legal name is used in your Will.

If you would like to discuss a possible bequest with us, please contact Tony Harvey or Steven Duxfield.

Charitable Gifts

From time to time you may want to make a donation or gift to the work of God.  Your regular giving should be made to or through your own local church.  But what if you have a larger sum of money to give, or you want it to go to an area of work that your church doesn't get involved in?

Stewards' Trust, as a charitable entity, can receive your gift without you needing to worry about any gift duty.  You can make a gift to be applied at the discretion of the Executive of Stewards' Trust, or you can give specific directions as to what you would like your gift used for.  As long as the gift remains for a charitable purpose, and it fits within the objects for which Stewards' Trust was established, that is fine.

If you would like to discuss making a gift to Stewards' Trust, please contact Tony Harvey or Steven Duxfield.

Stewards' Trust: Other Services

At Stewards' Trust, we can provide you with assistance on a variety of matters.

  • We have people who can help you with decisions about what your church property is worth, or about the value of the property you are thinking of buying,
  • Need some repair work done on your church building, but don't know where to start or who to turn to?  Contact us, and one of our people may be able to pay you a visit and point you in the right direction.  We can't do the work for you, but we can give you the benefit of expertise.
  • Some of our Executive Committee people have the practical skills to guide you in these matters.  If we can't come to you, we have local members in your area who may be able to assist, or may be able to put you in touch with others who can.
  • We can assist you with insurance of your church property through the group insurance scheme we have initiated (see our Links page).

Stewards' Foundation

The Foundation was established in 1955.  The Stewards' Foundation (N.Z.) Incorporated (our full legal name) is an Incorporated Society and is a registered charitable entity in terms of the New Zealand Charities Commission (CC10589).  For more information visit the Charities Register at

The Foundation is a highly specialised lender.  We lend on a first mortgage basis to Brethren assemblies and institutions (such as camps), and also to full time church workers and missionaries.  That's all.

To fund our work, we borrow from depositors on an unsecured bond basis, and we have a sound investment strategy for investing our surplus which we have accumulated over many years.  Income from that covers our costs and can subsidise interest rates we charge borrowers.

Stewards' Foundation: Mortgage Advances

Why borrow from the Foundation?

  • Our interest rates are low.  Sometimes our lending rate is lower than what we pay to those who invest with us.
  • We understand your needs as borrowers.
  • We can be more flexible than mainstream lending institutions in meeting your needs

Who can apply for a Foundation loan?

  • We will lend to churches who align themsleves to the Christian Brethren or Open Brethren assemblies throughout New Zealand.
  • We will lend to trusts and camps associated with those churches.
  • We will lend to local full time workers in churches, para-church organisations, outreaches and camps, and we will lend to missionaries commended by Brethren assemblies.

What terms do you offer?

  • We offer a very attractive interest rate, often far below what you would normally be able to obtain from a commercial lender.
  • We offer a ten year repayment term for churches and institutions, and a fifteen year term for full time workers and missionaries.
  • We only lend on security of a registered first mortgage.
  • We offer two types of mortgages
    • Our standard reducing payment mortgage (each payment comprising a fixed principal sum plus a reducing interest sum) or
    • A table mortgage (each total payment is the same amount).

    Need more information?

    We have an information sheet for individual borrowers and an information sheet for churches.  Each sets out more detail on our loans and loan criteria.  Please view or download these documents.

    Contact our Secretary or Treasurer for more information, or if you have any questions.

    You can also download an application form for a church or institution mortgage advance or an individual mortgage advance.

    Stewards' Foundation: Investing

    If you wish to invest with us please contact our Secretary as follows:

    Tony Harvey, Secretary, Stewards Trust / Stewards Foundation


    Phone: 07 578 0576 or 029 928 5009

    Post: PO Box 3120 Greerton Tauranga 3142

    Executive Committee & Members List

    Stewards' Trust and Stewards' Foundation

    Our Managers

    Stewards' Trust and Stewards' Foundation are separate entities, with separate functions.  However, the two entities are very closely linked.  Membership of both is the same.  Both are run by an Executive Committee which meets every six weeks or so.

    Executive Committee (2014)

    • Graham Walton (Chairman) - Auckland
    • Tony Harvey (Secretary) - Tauranga
    • Steven Duxfield (Treasurer) - Auckland
    • Phil Aish - Auckland
    • David Burt - Auckland
    • Malcolm Davie – Wellington
    • John Robinson - Auckland



    We have a wider membership base of regional representatives throughout New Zealand.  We try to cover the whole country, although at times we do have gaps.  At present, we cover most of the North Island, Nelson, Christchurch and surrounding areas. Our members include the Executive Committee as listed above, together with the following people.

    • Terry Bradley – Whangarei
    • Andrew Clemow - Whangarei
    • Tony Franklin - Auckland
    • Fred King – Auckland
    • Alan Thorp – Auckland
    • (Mrs) Glenys Yeoman – Auckland
    • Mark Gardiner – Cambridge
    • Lloyd Brewerton – Tauranga
    • Neville Cobham – Taupo
    • Ian Elliott – Tokoroa
    • James Major – Havelock North
    • Jeff Simpson – New Plymouth
    • Jay Gillett – Waharoa
    • Sefton Marshall – Palmerston North
    • Ron Stuart – Upper Hutt
    • Hudson Malcolm – Nelson
    • Dean Paynter – Motueka
    • Murray Frost – Christchurch
    • David Robinson – Christchurch